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I've owned this car since I was 17 years old. I bounced around on vehicles a lot during my teenage years, and developed a love for cars very early on. My mom owned a 1982 Mustang GT which was bought new in 1982, owned until 1988, raced very heavily by her, mods overseen by my father. Naturally, I tossed around the idea of a Four-Eyed Fox, but it wasn't necessarily my style. Fast-forward a few years, coming up on finally getting my permit. I ended up, at random, trading a nice dirt bike for an '86 Third Gen Camaro IROC-Z28, a true mullet car. I had always been fond of them as well. As fate would have it, I snuck it out on back roads a few times, didn't even romp on it, passenger side head gasket let loose. Nothing but white exhaust. I put 17 miles on it. (I still own that Camaro, 9 years later, that's a project for way down the road, turbo SBC and 4L80 eventually)

I went back to the drawing board as I turned 16 years old, considering my options, with reliability a big factor. This would be my vehicle to start my adult life with, after all. I gravitated, for some reason, to C5 Corvettes. I knew I wouldn't be able to afford the insurance, though. Looked at SN95 Mustangs and again, they weren't my style. I went towards New Edges, browsed countless customer photos on American Muscle's website of how they look with different wheels, tons of YouTube videos, you know, planning out my mods before even owning the car. I settled on either Satin or Metallic silver. I needed silver for some reason.

In November of 2010, I had $7,000, found the right car listed at $6,700. It had some minor damage to the front bumper from a deer strike, front bumper had a zip tie in the center, rest of the car was super clean and with 86k miles. The front was leverage for an easy haggle down to $6,200. The car came with some tasteful mods, so it was nice to save the initial investment on the basics rather than going from bone-stock. (Lowered, 3.73 gears, exhaust, etc)

The car served me extremely well while daily driving from 2010 throughout 2015 with only two real part failures. I broke the TR-3650 within a month and a half of owning it. I saved for 3 months and swapped to a built T56, back in 2011. In 2014, the notorious plastic intake manifold leaked at the heater core inlet port. Plastic was ovaled and brittle. Aside from that, awesome car!
2001 Ford Mustang (Silver)


Stock for now, incoming:

Kellogg forged 3.75" stroker crank
Oliver billet rods
Diamond custom pistons ~10.5:1
4V 9-thread heads (DB, DC castings)
Custom-ground Bullet cams
Power adder will most likely be 6466 Precisions, not totally decided there
All stock and kept fairly clean
03-04 Cobra front bumper
03-04 Cobra trunk lid and spoiler
Replacement OEM Ford headlights
Shorty antenna
Built T56 with the following:

26 spline input shaft
Billet shift keys
Solid forks
Bronze pads
Lethal TOB retainer sleeve
Steeda Tr-Ax
Maximum Motorsports K-Member
Maximum Motorsports A-arms
Maximum Motorsports Coil Overs
Maximum Motorsports Bump Steer Kit
Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates
Maximum Motorsports FLSFC
Tokico D-Spec front struts
Koni Yellow (Adjustable) rear shocks
Eibach Pro-Kit rear springs
Wheel and Tire
18x9 and 18x10 black and polished lip FR500 wheels (New replacements which are 1-2 years old, not the same ones I purchased the car with)

Front tires: 275/35 Michelin Pilot Super Sport
Rear tires: 305/35 Toyo R888



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