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Mustang Cobra
Rio Red
When I bought the car, it was a 2 owner car with the first owner having possession of it for 95% of its life. The car was almost 100% factory stock with only the the rear bumper and mustang emblem in the grille being swapped out.

My plans for the car are to make a "drivers car" out of it. Tastefully done mods that don't ruin what the mustang is all about, but enhance it to be what it SHOULD have been from the factory. Power wise, I am not much of a go fast junkie, so around 300HP to the wheels is plenty for me. What I am about is carving the corners.

For the suspension I plan to dial it in with a set of shocks/struts and a nice set of springs. I also plan to add full length subframe connectors to really tighten up the chassis. The IRS in these cars is GREAT, but the bushing choice from Ford was a terrible choice for a performance car. That being said, delrin bushings will be put in.

As far as the drivetrain is concerned, some 4.30 gears will be going in as well as a short shifter. The gears are a low en, rip the pavement up choice that should make the car mega fun to drive. Some would say 4.30s are to much, and to those I say your a vagina. :) You have to remember, this car is driven like it should be, RPMs up. 4.30s are a gear that get a Cobra in its power band fast. I dont care that the top speed is limited to 120, ill never really push the car that fast, even on our local road course.
1999 Ford Mustang Cobra (Rio Red)


Bassani Mid-Length Headers
Bassani Catted X-pipe
2001 Cobra bumper
Motive 4.30s
FRPP Milled Differential Cover
MGW short throw shifter
Koni Sport Adjustable Shocks/Struts
H&R Race Springs
Full Tilt Boogie Racing FT5001 Delrin Bushing kit
Maximum Motorsports Full Length Subframe Connectors
Maximum Motorsports Aluminum Steering Rack Bushings
Wheel and Tire
Stock 1999 Cobra 17x8 Wheels


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