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Mustang LX
This is my first 2.3 Mustang but not my 1st pony ... So I'm learning the 4 cyl. as I go ... My goal is around the N/A 180 hp mark. Just like everyone else I have a million ideas as to what I'm wanting to do with her. I guess you could say it all comes down to the all mighty dollar sign.

Well if anyone noticed I've deleted everything I had written and decided to go with the 2.3 in the coupe. I head to too many car shows and look at everyones cars and think to myself why didn't they just keep the stock look instead of swapping in engines that completely change the car. But like I said it was all thoughts. To each our own. What one does with their own car is what they wanted and it may not to be everyones liking but it doesn't materr, because it's theirs and only theirs!

So with that being said. Here's the vision .....

Either the 71-73 Mach 1 style hood, or the SVO style hood. With the Mach 1 hood I'm going with the paint scheme for those years. With the SVO hood she's going to stay one solid color, LED tail lights, the 93' Cobra grille insert and the Cobra wing for a coupe. Thats going to be the exterior mods. Just a few and I'm thinking that's all that's needed.

As for the wheels, I'm looking at the 03' Bullit wheels or the Raceline GT's whenever I can get a 5 lug swap done. For the time being I'm keeping the GT turbine wheels for the time being.

The interior depending onto which color I use on th exterior. It will stay the factory blue if I go with Silver or stay with the Regatta Blue (7H) from the factory. If I go with Calypso Coral (3) or with Metalic Teal (RD) it's getting changed to black. The head rests are getting changed out for the SVO open head rests.

As for the engine like I said N/A 180 hp goal. During the build I'm having it done with forged internals for future 10-12 lbs of Turbo boost. For the track I'm looking at a possible 50 shot of nitrous. I'm thinking 13's would be a definate possibilty. Should be good to shut up some V-8's running around.



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