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Well, my car is working its way up from when i started (it was stock when i got my car. It is a v6 and my goal is to turn it into a gt or cobra (whatever i can afford). Ya i already know what your going to say "Its not worth it you might as well buy a v8", i know i know blah blah blah..... I'll tell you the same thing that i say when people bitch to me that i shouldn't be driving my car because it wastes to much gas and that my car is bad for the environment and i should drive a stupid prius: "well guess what I DONT CARE!" im doing it weather its stupid or not because for some crazy stubborn and aesthetic reason I WANT THE V6 BODY OF MY CAR! Since i got laid off and im on a tight budget its kind of hard to buy upgrades, so i go at my own pace as i can afford things. I'm also limited to what i can do since, i dont have much experience (since im so stubborn i try to do just about everything... bright side is my car still works! :) lol). I'm stubborn and dont trust mechanics and insist on doing all the work by myself, besides im trying to learn everything i can, if i take my car to a mechanic, then i learn nothing. By the way if any1 lives in staten island, ny and enjoys working on cars and wants to help me out and hang out and drink beers and help when i work on my car, your more then welcome, i just fore warn you i cant afford to pay you anything, but like i said its just for fun. Now down to buisness, Its got the following:

1) Flowmaster 40s catback

1) Vht'ed headlights and taillights (i did the tailights, they need one more coat though (not dark enough yet, i want them totaly black, lol), and if this weekend is nice im going to do the head lights)

1) Tokico illumina rear shocks
2) Tokico illumina front drag struts
3) Eibach pro kit lowering springs