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Roushcharged Mustang
I drive a Bone stock looking 427R that i ordered without the body kit, or any of the other added weight items, it has the bigger breaks, the Charger, and the suspension additions. It does not have the Badges, the body kit, rims, hood scoop, or the stripes that say 427R. It is documented as a true Roushcharged mustang Roush. As far as i know it is one of 147 ordered that way, and one of 97 in the color and option package out. I still have the stock badges on it, which makes it tons of fun. I have not run it at the track, but i know it pulls away on most of the vetts around here, which is always fun, since they think they got spanked by a stock GT. I joined to maybe get some info on what i can do, i have heard i can run a smaller pulley with a new tune and make 530+HP, i am curious if anyone has done it, or knows what the process is that needs to take place, it is a 439HP rocket now, so, who knows...
I dont want to go crazy as it is my daily driver...



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