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Mustang BOSS 281
This BOSS 281 was born an 07 Mustang GT on 06/19/06. She was retro-styled by Galpin Auto Sports(GAS) of Van Nuys, CA in late August. Ford had

commissioned GAS to modify an S197 Mustang GT using a Ford Performance BOSS 302 stroked and carbureted engine and a Mustang GT from Ford. The retro

BOSS 302 would be displayed at SEMA. GAS used this car and one or two others to practice on. The final paint scheme is on this car and has been the

model for others with out a few of the extras this one was fitted with. The SEMA car was to use Grabber Blue instead of Grabber Orange. On 09/10/06

she was purchased by Gary L. Pyles who, is still the current owner. On 10/01/06 the dashboard was signed by Parnelli Jones as a birthday present to

Gary. On that same day a Mustang Picture book was also signed by Parnelli Jones and presented to Gary for his birthday. Later that day a full set of

#15 Meatballs were also presented as a gift.

This ride took first place at all but one car show where she took 2nd instead of 1st, but it was tons of fun.


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