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I had my Mustang for 3 months when I was rear ended by a white F250 on I-15, I was going 85 mph when I was hit, the impact sent me off into the center lane (I was passing a semi in the left lane) going directly under the semi trailer, then I was hit by the trailer of the semi blowing out 3 tires and doing major damage to my passenger side, the impact of the trailer sent me into the carpool lane, the damage of the passenger side hit the ground sending me back under the trailer for a final blow, once again ending up in the carpool lane inches away from slamming into the concrete divider. The driver of the F250 left the scene of the accident as 6 weeks later still has not been found. Only injuries I suffer is the sad sight of my once fast Ford Mustang, and the money I had just put into it making it fast. Car: $8,500.00 Performance parts: $12,000.00 Getting in a hit and run 3 weeks after putting all that money into it: Priceless.



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