Simply Emayzing.


Nowadays it seems as though it is impossible to drive down the street and not see an S197 Mustang drive by, but seldom do you see one that is as clean or unique as Erin May’s pony, that he has appropriately dubbed “Elenor”. This 2007 Mustang GT started out as your run of the mill Mustang, but one Erin got a hold of it, it didn’t stay that way for long.


After acquiring Eleanor, Erin added a stunning Cervinis C-Series body kit. To accent that body kit, he mounted up a set of NAD 20-inch wheels, 20×9 in the front and 20×10 in the rear, with a set of fat 305/35-20 Nitto drag radials on the rear. The exterior is accented with a custom made GT badge for the front grill, and custom Hurst fender badges.


This isn’t your typical all show, no go Mustang. Sporting a Pro-Charger P1SC supercharger, this stallion lays down and impressive 480hp and 450lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels. A Nitrous Express Intercooler Sprayer kit with a purge kit has been fitted to keep those intake temperatures cool. A custom 3 inch cold air kit was fabricated to relocate the filter from the hot engine bay, to behind the front bumper where it is exposed to fresh, cool air. Kooks long-tube headers and catted x-pipe carry the exhaust gasses to the Cervinis side exhaust kit. In hopes of shedding some rotational mass, Eleanor was fitted with a Sypershaft aluminum driveshaft and BMR safety loop. Dual GT500 fuel pumps, Metco fuel rails, and 60lb injectors take car of the fuel requirement. A PMP dual solenoid line lock saves the rear brakes during those 4th gear burnouts Erin is known for. To finish off the performance side of Eleanor, a Hurst sport shifter prevents missed shifts.

To help keep those 480 horses under control, Erin has installed BMR lower control arms, BMR upper control arm, and BMR adjustable panhard bar. Eibach Pro Kit springs have been added to give Eleanor that perfect stance. To help rein in those 480 horses, the braking system has been upgraded with GMS slotted and dimpled rotors, and Hawk HPS pads.

On the interior, an SOS dual A-pillar gauge pod, fitted with Autometer Cobalt fuel pressure and boost gauges help Erin keep an eye on things while behind the wheel. A custom embroidered rear deck lid adds a bit of style to the passenger compartment.


Under Eleanor’s hood is just as impressive has the rest of the car. Sporting stunning orange powder coat, and custom painted graphics and logos, BMR strut tower brace, Optima battery and a custom billet tray, polished supercharger head unit and mounts this engine wows just about anyone you sets eyes upon it.

If you think Erin is done with Eleanor, think again. His future plans include a fully built drivetrain, Brembo brakes in all four corners, and custom seat upholstery. There are also plans to have the side a window scoops molded to the body to give that seamless look. The same thing goes for the antenna hole. He also plans on a new rear bumper to eliminate the valence.