Smokin’ Aces

Terminator.  Triple black. Kenne Belle.  600 horses.  Now that your Ford built neurons are firing, excited by thoughts of one of the most potent productions in blue oval history, we must postpone our lusting to honor MM’s may 2012 ROTM victor, Aceswild02.  Ace’s meticulously detailed and painstakingly polished 2003 Cobra stands a clear cut above.  Subtle details, extreme cleanliness and an array of wheel and tire combos, assure this mustang of a cameo in any hardcore MMer’s fantasy.  So what do you do when you attain your dream car?… Make it better. 

Georgia native, Aceswild02 has been a mustang fanatic since childhood.  With the help of his grandfather, Aces began restoring his first car, a 1966 mustang with an inline six.  In later years, he moved on to a 1998 triple black cobra and then from there a 2002 GT.  After joining, the seed for speed was planted.  Passion for performance led him out of his GT and into the bolstered seats of a Termi.  When Ace acquired his Cobra it was already equipped with the 2.6 KB and supporting mods boasting a healthy 600 rwhp.  Since the powerplant was essentially taken care of, he was able to focus his attention on detailing and visual modifications.  The first process was a 100% paint correction to give the proper glow.  Next up was an EGR delete to clean up the engine bay and put a little bit more focus on the huffer.  The KB itself has been de-anodized and hand polished.  Beneath the beautiful whine and 17 lbs. of boost is a set of JBA shorties and bassani x mated with a flowmaster catback.

As any self respecting Cobra owner would do, Ace then tackled the stance.  The stock springs were nipped of 3/4 of a coil giving the low aggressive look – and what better way to enhance its posture than a meaty set of wheels.  Ace has featured the following combinations, so just try to keep up! Black Saleens, True Forged Sleepers, Street Lites big and littles and most currently 18″ SVE Drifts wrapped in Mickey Thompson ET street radials.

 One of the most unique details of Ace’s Cobra are the polished calipers.  Rather than slathering them with caliper paint, he has polished them to a brilliant luster that is sure to look gorgeous peeking from behind whichever wheels he has bolted up that day.  Ace plans to continue working on the subtle aesthetics to give the Cobra more of a personal touch.  He has some suspension work that needs to be addressed and then down the road a set of cams may come into play… probably another set of wheels as well!

Ace’s Cobra is truly a product of mustang passion.  Fast and photogenic, your May 2012 Scavenger Hunt ROTM, Aceswild02.

Article Written by: Shelbydog!