Steeda Manufacturing Relocating To Valdosta, GA

Steeda Autosports and Manufacturing in Valdosta, GeorgiaSteeda Autosports is expanding it’s manufacturing and engineering division and relocating their new headquarters to your author’s hometown (Valdosta, Georgia). Steeda will also be partnering with Georgia Tech and Valdosta Technical Institute in an effort to fast track their engineering and manufacturing process.

The state-of-the-art facility and sprawling 25 acre campus is expected to be completed in about 18 months – a move which places their distribution in a much more strategic location. “The proximity to I-10 and I-75 for distribution makes Valdosta the perfect place for us” Dario stated. “Valdosta is a clean, growing city and will be good for any of our employees interested in relocating”.

The Steeda campus will consist of the manufacturing and distribution facilities, plus a skid pad, slalom course and test track. The test track will have a variety of surfaces to aid in the development and prove out process for Steeda vehicles in terms of noise, vibration and harshness. The nearby drag strip, South Georgia Motorsports Park, is a new, state of the art facility that will be utilized for vehicle testing and product evaluation. The Steeda Autosports campus should be operational in 18 months and will initially employ 40 to 50 people, with 100 employees hired over 36 months.

As for Steeda’s current headquarters in southern Florida – “we will absolutely not be closing the south Florida facility. Both our south Florida customer base and employees are too important to the success of our business. The south Florida facility will be undergoing some updating as well… This is a win/win situation for both our customers and present and future employees.”