Swervo = Sexy

The name “Swervo” has been on many front pages including this one twice.  However those articles were for Swervo’s former car, a 2004 twin turboed Mach 1 Turned N/A Mach 1. Swervo was having issues getting his beastly Mach 1 to pass emissions so he began de-modding it.  After the turbo’s were gone and many sensors replaced he decided to let Ford fix it.

The day he was going to pick up His old Mach 1 he decided he wanted to see what all the hub-ub was about with this new 5.0 Ford is making.  It was love at first drive, Swervo traded in his mach that day (Which sold 3 days later) for a brand new 2011 grabber blue Mustang GT.  Originally Swervo wasn’t planning to do many mods and was content with 5.0’s stock output.  However after a few months the mod bug bit again.  It started with a Bassani cat back, then he painted the stock rims and deck lid black and tinted the tail lights.  Soon he couldn’t help himself and the mods started flying.

His Current Mod list, Although not as long as the Mach (yet) Is quite extensive: Bassani long tube headers, x-pipe and 3″ exhaust, Boss intake manifold, JLT CAI, BBR tune, FRPP K springs, Koni STR T dampeners, BMR adj panhard bar, Maximum Motorsports CC plates, Steeda strut tower brace, Forgestar matte black F14s 20×9/20×11, Nitto Invo tires 275/35/20- 315/35/20, Roush billet grill, California Special front valence, Boss front splitter.

“I’d like to give a shout out to my buddy Ira (currently deployed to Afghanistan) for egging me on to buy the 5.0 and helping me install a lot of these parts. My club in NC WOT Mustangs and my new club Rebel Stangs in San Diego for supporting me in my stang addiction. Lastly I’d like to thank all my friends in the Military for their service and sacrifice for our country.” -Swervo

The staff of Moddedmustangs.com congratulates Swervo for winning the May ride of the month contest.