That’s Nasty

Being the Mustang enthusiast that I am, I was naturally taken aback when I learned that our very own NastyFX4 (formerly Nastystang113) no longer owns the Mustang that won Ride of the Month for June 2011.  According to Nasty, he needed something a little more comfortable and practical as a daily ride and went with a pickup truck (at least it was a Ford!).  We can’t blame him there, can we? Well, sure we can, but I won’t because this ROTM has given me personally tons of inspiration and cold chills..!

This Ford-powered and Roush-infused S197 terrorized not only the palm-lined streets of Central Florida, but also its 1/4 mile and road course, as well.  This 2008 GT sits with a lowered stance courtesy of Steeda sport springs over Tokico D-spec struts and GT500 strut mounts.  This incorporates improved handling, thanks to a BMR adjustable panhard bar, billet lower control arms and welded relocation brackets.  The suspension upgrades also include Steeda front and rear sway bars along with an adjustable upper control arm with bracket.  Adding more rigidity and support for the front suspension and driveline, is a CHE K-Member brace with Torque Limiters.  This capable chassis sits on staggered American Racing Rogue wheels with 20×8.5 up front covered in 255/35 and 20×10 rears wrapped in Nitto NT05 315/35’s.  Behind these stunning polished rim/black wheels are G2 painted calipers.

Adding to the intimidating posture is a Kaenen 3” cowl hood hanging over tinted HID headlights.  You will see a Roush P51 grille pancaked between a Roush front fascia and chin spoiler with an intercooler peaking out menacingly from behind.  Rounding out the Roush style, sits a rear spoiler above tinted OEM-style taillights and a pair of custom Nazty GT emblems added to the fenders.  Nasty was bold with the tint shade by going 5% sides and rear, while 35% on the front windshield.  This creates an illusion of the glass practically melting right into the body… seamlessly!

Beneath that gorgeous cowl hood is another Roush piece and perhaps the most important one of them, a Eaton-designed Roush TVS 2300 roots-style supercharger.  The supercharger was tuned by Justin at VMP Tuning complete with a VMP pulley at 11 pounds of boost providing near-instantaneous torque at the drop of the foot.

The TVS is accompanied by a GT500 fuel system.  This blown induction needs some cooling which comes from an aluminum AFCO heat exchanger.  With the demands of high-horsepower engines, it becomes necessary for a reliable aftermarket clutch.  Thus, a McLeod RST twin-disc clutch was installed, capable of handling up to 800 horsepower.  For this mustang to create such symphonic V8 tunes, a Magnaflow off-road X-pipe was installed along with a Magnaflow catback.  Inside, you’ll find plush leather seating, a Pioneer AVIC-Z3 sound system and Boston Acoustic S85 speakers to comfortably enjoy your favorite music in stunningly clear natural sound.

There is just so much more to see everywhere you look.  For instance, you will find the Speed of Sound cup holder switch panel and A-Pillar gauge to compliment the OD and Autometer Sport Comp II boost gauge.  Included on the gauge accessories, is a Raptor shift light and Dynojet Wideband Commander to monitor the air to fuel ratio at all times.  All of this ignition, combustion and growling is started with the push of a button.  This being an S2000 start button and is plugged into the center adaptor where ages ago a cigarette lighter may have once existed.  Above this button, you will find the Homelink mirror capable of dimming rear view headlights along with opening your garage door and other accessories.  Saving the inconvenience of multiple remotes laying around on the dash.

Custom Lighted Sill Plates add a little ambient lighting to the cockpit to set the mood.

Now for all the gear-bangin’ fun you can have with such an amazing Mustang, an MGW Short Throw Shifter! But alas, none of this can be set in motion until you slam the throttle with a set of Steeda pedals.

Perhaps most impressive of all, Nasty has done all of this ROTM winners work himself, save for the tuning and tire work.  While Nasty is no longer a Ford Mustang owner, he has made himself an integral part of why Modded Mustangs succeeds and continues to stay aboard to leave his mark on the forums.  This is The Modded Mustangs June 2011 Ride of the Month and Nasty has obviously earned the title.  A car capable of inducing goosebumps, it’s ‘Stangs like this that fuel our inspiration for continuing to build our own Mustangs.  Congrats, NastyFX4!

Article written by VaporS197