The 2010 Mustang Has Arrived

2010 Mustang

The redesign is here,  you 2009 Mustang owners own the last of the debut model design S197’s.  The much hyped “Tweaking” of the S197 comes in a national downtime for U.S. automakers.  How this will affect sales of the 2010 Mustang no one knows yet but there is a general feeling that this car will be a huge success despite the struggling economy

2010 Mustang side

The first thing you probably notice is the redesigned hood.  Ford took cues from many drag racing mustangs in the aftermarket community and designed a cowl like hood which extends over the headlights a little more than the previous model.  That along with tweaks to the front fascia and headlights give the 2010 Mustang the most aggressive stance it’s seen since the days of the classic pony cars

2010 Mustang Side/Rear

Next you’ll notice the subtle styling tweaks along the sides of the new mustang and finally you get to see the brand new 2010 rear end. (Which is what I’m sure many of will aquaint all of your Gmc/Dodge buddies with)  Ford knows how much ‘Stang owners love rear ends and they didn’t disappoint with a few new angles a new spoiler and some redesigned tails

Night Blue interrior 2010 Mustang

As good as it looks on the outside that is not where the redesign stops.  The Mustang has long been considered behind the times in interior comfort and luxury.  Ford is looking to change that with this redesign an almost all new interior sports too many minor tweaks to mention here
2010 Standard Mustang

Of course there’s always the upgraded high class Mustang!

High Class Interrior 2010 Mustang

And now finally what most of you want………A TEASER PIC!

Could this possibly be a 2010 Mach 1 with a 5.0…..To be continued…..?

2010 Mach 1?