The All American Ride

September 11th 2001, marked one of the darkest periods in American history.  Our beloved country was attacked and we all witnessed events that we never thought we’d see in our lifetimes.  Thousands of lives were lost and many more from those who sacrificed themselves to save a complete stranger.  In remembrance of this tragic event, decided to dedicate the 2012 September ROTM to be a Memorial Scavenger Hunt.  The competition was tough as 15 cars stood in front of flags, memorial sites and national cemeteries in hopes to win the honor of being in the spotlight as a winner of ROTM.  One car came out victorious in what turned out to be a very close race.  Bryan from Charlotte, North Carolina, also known as FORDY9ER, with his 2002 Mineral Grey Mustang GT.

When you’re driving down the street in your local town on your way to a show, you want to catch people’s attention so you need to make sure that everything is just right.  Bryan has done just that with his ‘Stang. Making very small changes to keep the simple look, he balances it so perfect that you can’t take your eyes away.  This sleek looking Mustang sits on staggered 18″ Gun Metal Saleen wheels and is lowered on cut stock springs.  The shiny Mineral Grey paint is also no joke.  When the light hits it just right, the blacked out taillight accents complements the colors almost too well.


But don’t let the simple look fool you, because under the hood is where most of the money has gone.  This 4.6 is fit with mild bolt-ons that range from a TrickFlow Upper Plenum to a JLT Cold Air Intake.  This beast also has Ford Racing 4.10 gears and is tuned to 93 Octane gas.  Lining the underside of the car, a full exhaust system with BBK longtube Headers and X-pipe with the Magnapack cat back system that allows this car to scream at any poor soul that dares to question it.  While Bryan has his car set right where he wants it in terms of power, his main goal is to get the suspension, tires and the strength to handle any beating he throws at it while flying down the quarter mile track.

Overall, Bryan tastefully modded his GT and has proven that you don’t need to have thousands of dollars dumped into a car to win a contest.  Sometimes… the simpler the better.  That’s why I believe his win in the 2012 September ROTM was well deserved.  Congratulations FORDY9ER, your car makes a great addition to ModdedMustangs history and good luck in the Ride Of The Year voting!

Article written by Mach Stang