The Boss Is Back?

2005 Ford Mustang with a Boss Styling KitThere have been rumors floating around for several months about a new Boss Mustang on the horizon, one that’s sure to make enthusiasts happy. How about as light as a V6, faster than a GT, and less expensive than the GT500?

At this point, there are few details other than the confirmation from Motor Trend’s September edition magazine. According to MT, the Boss Mustang will get the entire Shelby GT500 suspension with a stripped interior to reduce weight. Sounds like this ponycar is destined for true gearheads looking for a no-compromise answer for a real musclecar.

For the engine compartment, the claim is a 5.0 cammer engine (boing!) producing 390 horsepower with no poweradder (the same power output produced by the 2003-2004 Cobra by way of a roots type supercharger). We should report that there have been some reports of a 6.2L engine producing the same 390 horsepower, but neither have been officially confirmed. In fact, the Boss Mustang hasn’t even been confirmed yet.

Only time will tell, but judging by the various new models produced under Carrol Shelby’s wing of late – most with a throwback to the past – there’s a good chance this car will go to production. Between the GT500 and the Boss, seems that Ford is throwing a 1-2 punch at Chevy in an attempt to knock the Camaro concept on it’s butt. Nice.