The Bullitt Is Back (Movie This Time)

Original Bullitt Movie Poster With Steve McQueenThe 1960’s classic “Bullitt” will be back, and this time we’re talking about the movie. Originally made famous by Steve McQueen’s famous chase scene (see video below), the Bullitt has already had a classic and New Edge version Mustangs modeled after it, and yet another Bullitt Mustang is in the works by Ford in honor of the flick’s upcoming 40th anniversary.

Brad Pitt will be playing the role of Lt. Frank Bullitt, a butt-kicking detective who’s hunting down a hitman who’s already killed a few of his fellow officers.  This film’s been in the works for a few years actually, with Pitt being fitted for it even then – apparently he shares a similar love for fast cars and is looking foward to the role.

Hopefully this remake will do justice to the excellent driving skills demonstrated by McQueen during the famous chase through the rollercoaster streets of San Francisco, one of the driving forces behind the Bullitt’s timeless popularity. McQueen actually did all the driving, none of the high-tech CGI graphics of today – just pedal to the medal white-knuckle driving. Here’s a clip courtesy of YouTube for those that haven’t seen the original…

YouTube Preview Image