The Mountain (Dew) Man


The high altitude mountain dew drinking drag racing Matt is this months featured member enjoy!

Member: MustangMatt96GT

Car: Most likely a 96 GT

MM: So how did you end up at MM?

MustangMatt96GT: I honestly don’t remember the details. But about a week after I purchased the car I wanted to learn more about it. Turns out everyday after school, as I had no job, I would end up coming here. And so one day I decided to register, and I have learned so much about my car. I have my third major build of the car coming up this winter. (The Beast Part 3)

MM: Ever regret hitting the register button?

MustangMatt96GT: The only times I have regretted registering have been when I have been on here when I should be doing my homework… But other than that this is the place to be. I am always on at school too, iPod Touch FTW!

MM: When will you car be fast enough?

MustangMatt96GT: My car will never be fast enough… About 4 months after I got the car, I told my buddy Jeff at school that I would have a 12 second car by the time I graduate. Turns out I did not think about the altitude and thought it was a mid 14 second car stock… Boy I was wrong.


New goal for next season is 11.50s or better. Going to need a cage to go faster. Although my Mom told me I could not go any faster than I was doing this year… I can’t wait for her to see me do pull the tires for the first 60 foot and run in the 11s.

Eventually I will want a low 9 second Stang at this altitude, but I have lots of time and things to learn between now and then.

MM: A hot date (And the night is already paid for) or a night installing a Paxton Supercharger?

MustangMatt96GT: Honestly this one is a tough one. But who cannot turn down a great time installing anything in any car… How bout we have a Hot Date in the garage installing a Paxton Supercharger, although we all know Nitrous Rules!!

Dress? Hot date?

MM: For obvious reasons this next question must be asked, who would look better in a dress FutureMach1Racer or Acmillr?

MustangMatt96GT: Never seen a full body picture of Jake, but I think we already have seen AC in a dress, so i’m going to say Jake.

MM: In sub 32 degree weather, Mountain Dew or Hot chocolate?

MustangMatt96GT: The only way to go! Mountain Dew… Dew Run Racing, is what I have named the “team” of my buddies that help with the car at home and at the track. Because of all the Mountain Dew that is drank when around the car! We should get sponsored by them….

MM: When did you 1st want a mustang and when did it become a reality?

MustangMatt96GT: As a young kid I grew up with my Dad’s 64 Stang. Infact the first night we had it I slept in it. I was 3 at the time. But I grew up around it and always thought they were cool. Then I kinda grew out of them and what’s the point of a “cool” car? But slowly as I got closer to driving age I got more and more interested. Dad and I debated on going to the Phil Long Ford Fest at the track one year. And as soon as I saw all the fox bodies running I was hooked. Originally I wanted a fox. Turns out after looking at a few, I preferred the SN95s a lot more.

After two cars falling through, I bought half my 1996 Mustang GT with all my money I earned from mowing lawns through the years.

Mmmmm Classics
MM: If you could do it all over would the ‘Stang still be your 1st car?

MustangMatt96GT: No… Unfortunately I cannot control my addiction. My car no longer is even driven on the street but to go to and from the track. I now drive my Mom’s Expedition daily. I would try and get a truck, preferably a diesel work truck as my first “car”

MM: Who has helped you out the most here as far as tech?

MustangMatt96GT: Honestly I wouldm’y be anywhere without the help of many. Boomer has always been there for when ever I have a question, be an engine question, suspension question, or a track question. He has always supported me. I would be know where without him.  Also John (Ujslost) has helped me tremendously. He also was always ready on the phone to help me out.  And has taught me many valuable things.  And finally Mike (SWEET2KSTANG) has answered numerous threads and PMs.

Thanks to all you guys.

Dew Dun Racing!

MM: Who has helped the most outside of tech?

MustangMatt96GT: Honestly the whole MM family has helped out. There is always support from everybody. There are the few guys that “flame” everybody else, but what family does not have arguments?

MM: If you could give anyone on this forum any car, who would it be and what car would you give them?

MustangMatt96GT: I really don’t know who, but it would be a Mustang for sure, because that’s what we all are here for.

Thanks for all the support guys!