The N/A Ghost

October’s ROTM brought us a car that has been built for bracket racing.  Casper GT’s 2000 Mustang GT has been meticulously modified for drag strip reliability.  Now before you start thinking of a big loping cam or the sound of a spooling turbo let me point out that the cam covers on this GT have never even been off.

Casper has built this car from the ground up, focusing more on getting the power he already has to ground instead of wasting rubber with useless hp.  For the steady racer an automatic transmission is a must.  Casper’s 4r70w transmission has been modified to give him that hard, neck snapping launch on every pass.  With a valve body from an 02 GT, Trans-Go HD2 shift kit (with extensive upgrades), 10″ 3800 stall Dirty Dog converter, FRPP cooler and finally a FRPP aluminum driveshaft tie’s into his stock rear end with FRPP 4.10’s.

To handle the abuse of the strip Casper put in a CHE axle brace with custom relocated lowers and CHE spherical adjustable uppers.  He also added a set of Strange 10 way shocks and deleted both the front and rear sway bar while retaining the stock springs.  A difference between his and most other drag cars would probably the one airbag on the right side.

Now obviously you can’t have a race car without at least a few go fast parts.  Casper’s bolt on mod’s include: Trickflow plenum, 70mm FRPP throttle body, Accel coils, 19lb EV-6 injectors, Autolite 103 plugs, Reishe performance 170* thermostat, March underdrive pulleys with SFI balancer, Stewart water pump, Airaid cold air kit, FRPP shorty headers, BBK o/r/h and a Flowmaster 2 chamber cat back.  He also deleted the EGR, The A/C and the cruise control. This, with the MSD 2 step, SLP line lock and the high speed cooling fan mod sums up the performance mods.

Finally He had to make it look good.  He accomplished this using the HO Fibertrends 2.5 cowl hood, Mach grill delete and chin spoiler, 01 headlights, 03-04 Cobra sideskirts and he finished it off by deleting the fog lights and rear spoiler.  Like any serious drag racer Casper has two sets of rims, his bullets for street use and then his drag rims which are Centerline Telstars with a 15×4’s up front wrapped in 165/80r’s and 15×8’s in the rear wrapped in 275/50r Mickey Thompson ET Street radials.

Congratulations from Modded Mustangs to Casper GT for this ROTM.