The Official Horsepower Numbers Are …

Many months ago, Ford revealed to the world on live TV the new 2015 Mustang. Hints had been dropped that there would be an Independent Rear Suspension, more technology, and more power than the outgoing S197 chassis. There were rumors that the new car would even outrun the beloved 2013 Boss 302 around a road course, thanks to both the IRS and new found power, but they have been very tight lipped about how much exactly. Then the other rumors started flying that the V6 and V8 models would also get an EcoBoost sibling, but only the powertrain engineers and God Himself knew the actual horsepower numbers – and neither one was talking…until now.

Horsepower numbers for the V6 actually dropped a few to 300 – likely a change to help in fuel economy. It’s doubted anyone would really get into a tizzy over the small loss and it seems neither did Ford. It’s still the same 3.7 liter V6 that propels the 2011-2014 Base Ponies, but one would think it would have a different air induction system and maybe a different intake manifold to fit between the front fenders of the S550 chassis. Once these cars make it to dealership’s lots, we will see how much has really changed.

The surprise of the announcement was the numbers of the EcoBoost 2.3l 4 cylinder; 310 horsepower and 320 lb/ft torque. That 10 hp increase over the sixer will feel like a bunch more with steeper gearing in the rear end and a (normal to the EcoBooost engine family) very broad torque curve. This power level and what great fuel economy numbers will make the little four banger a very desired car.

But what about the 5.0?! You haven’t said anything about the V8 yet! OK. How’s 435 hp and 400 lb/ft torque sound? If you said it sounds like it’s less than the RoadRunner engine for which it shares a lot of the parts with (rumored to have the same valves, ported heads, rods and pistons), you’d be correct. Whether Ford did this to allow the Boss owner’s some time to thump their chest or they are keeping things very conservative, we may never know, but it is more than the outgoing GT – and more is better, right?

One thing we know is the new Mustang line up will be at dealerships soon. Are you ready?

article written by
: Marc