The Wife’s Ride

Most people who build a sweet ride do it at a cost.  Often times, the spouse is left out.  Michael Schibline built himself a killer Mustang in his 2007 Shelby GT.  So awesome, in fact, it has been retired to The Showroom.  When he went to make it up to his wife Jessica, he did it in one of the most amazing ways possible.  His efforts not only kept things happy at home, they also earned him (and her) a win for Ride of the Month for November 2013 with her 2003 Mach 1.

It all started about four years ago when he bought the Mach 1 as an anniversary gift.  The odometer showed 42,000 miles and so did the car.  The first order of business was to give the car a serious detail to bring out the former beauty that was long forgotten.  Then came the mods.

Mike wasn’t too fond of the wheels that the Mach had, so a set of black deep dish Bullitt style wheels found their way to the car.  A blackout panel, some dark tinted headlights, and tinting the taillights gave the car the look he was going for.  But sometimes a modification just doesn’t work well. The dark tinted headlights made it impossible to see at night, so a set of factory headlights were installed to light the way.

When the factory shocks started to give way, Mike figured it was time to not only replace, but improve.  A set of BC Racing coil-overs were bolted in to all 4 corners of the Mach. Adjusted to the “avoid speed bumps” level, the car ends up with a sexy stance that grabs attention anywhere it goes.

For the last bit of mods, Jessica had to put her foot down.  She insisted that the car wear a Roush body kit.  Mike wanted the 1999 Cobra front end and 2001 Bullitt side skirts.  Mike gave in and for Christmas bought Jessica the Roush kit.  Mike was able to paint the kit the way he saw fit and used a set of Spintech mufflers to get the tone he wanted thus creating a vehicle that in a word is just “amazing”.

article written by: Marc