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01 p1sc blown bullitt smoking out of valve cover

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I have an 01 bullitt with a p1sc blower that's always 100% trouble. the blower just recently started spraying oil through the outlet, it's spraying out of my blowoff like crazy so i guess the seals are going bad. My other problem is that the oil buildup is leaking down throught the coil packs to my plugs and fouling them. Could this oil buildup also cause the left hand side vacuum hole on the valve cover to dump white smoke or do you think i have fried a piston? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks
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i had white smoke coming out of my breathers when i broke my ringlands with a p1sc
Excessive crankcase pressure? Maybe your rings are completely fried
maybe just remove the supercharger :dunno

lol sux man, white smoke means burning oil
That happened on my buddy's car, d-1 with the stock pistons, when we took it apart the motor, the ring lands were destroyed. Lots of smoke from the valve cover, and oil was leaking out of the intake, and present in the blower inlet.
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