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'04 Convertible *&#^@#* Leaks!

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Does anybody else have a similar problem with the weatherstripping at front driver side & passenger windows letting in rain. I may have a leak in the rear window also, since the vinyl lined cubby that the roof retracts into catches water after a heavy downpour. I imagine it's expensive as hell to replace all the w'stripping. Probably have to go to the dealer for this.
Moving to Arizona might be cheaper.
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Please read the site rules first and this

its not too expensive
hit up
it isn't bad, and if it is just a few spots you can get weather stripping sealer at autozone
There is a recall on the A pillar weather stripping because of leaking. be sure your model doesnt apply to this.
Thanks for the info. Have anyone ever replaced a convertible top? Late Model Restoration warns not to attempt it if you don't have tons of patience & a little knowhow. Or a friend who does this type of work. I'd probably end up breaking something. I think I'll try the band-aid approach for now.
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