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So below is what I am currently running. I was having heating issues the other day when it was 105 degrees outside. Put in the new thermostat and my most recent purchase, the throttle body. Let it idle for about 15 mins and then test drove it around town quite a bit. Seems to have been the fix as it didn't over heat again.
This Saturday I have a performance tuning scheduled with Y2 Performance here outside Dallas. The lead tuner and lead mechanic from Dallas Mustang are over there to do the work, so I believe I am in good hands.
I am newish to the mustang world and my other half is saying I am already obsessed and addicted. I am curious to hear from others who have had success with this 5.4 swap, as well as everyone else. I am considering stage 2 cams 102200 next but am still not sure. Also considering a SVE aluminum radiator and performance oil cooler.
I would love to know what else I should consider doing/undoing. What everyone thinks? Any and all advice is seriously appreciated. I really do need help making the right decisions.

Besides the TB and thermostat everything else was already done when I purchased it for $7,000. I would love to hear if this was a good buy or not.

2004 Mustang GT convertible
Original comp orange (67 of 231)
odometer: 75394
4.6 to 5.4 liter 2v
T-3650 transmission

5.4 Litre w/Forged Crank
SCT X4 Tuner
Ported PI heads
Cold Air Intake Kit
SR 75mm Throttle body
BBK Shorty Headers
BBK Off-Road X Pipe
Flowmaster 10 Series Mufflers
Energy Suspension Engine/Trans Mounts
3:55 Gears with 11.65" Cobra Rotors
Welded Axle Tubes
SVE Upper/Lower Rear Control Arms
Stage 3 Performance Clutch Kit Ram
Steeda Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifter
4 Bolt Billet Caster Camber Plates
Eibach 2" Lowering Springs (Sportline)

Pioneer Double Din Bluetooth DVD Receiver
Cobra white/blue glow guage cluster overlay
Pistol grip shifter

Maintenance done to car in last 1000 miles:

NEW Thermostat
NEW Battery
NEW Alternator
NEW Ball Joints
NEW Starter
NEW Tie Rods Inner/Outer
NEW KYB Struts
NEW Shocks
NEW Brakes F&R
NEW Fuel Filter
NEW Spark Plugs
NEW Wheel Bearings
NEW Timing Chain Set
NEW Water Pump
NEW Gaskets Throughout Engine
4 Wheel Computer Alignment
All Fluids Have Been Changed


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Personally I like the idea of a 5.4 2v swap but the consensus is that the gains in hp are minimal. Itll make a good amount of torque but it peaks 1k rpms lower than the 4.6. In stock form it cant be revved past 5.5-6k. Someone on here did some digging around and had a theory that the 5.4's pistons dont sit flush with the block like the 4.6 resulting in lower compression, which could contribute to lower hp numbers. A few other problems are that you have to either get an hps hardballr intake or use your stock intake with adaptor plates (changes your injector spray angle for the worse and causes clearance issues with the stock hood), youll need a new flywheel if the motor doesnt come with one, I believe the 5.4 uses a different clutch than the 4.6 romeo since they have different flywheels, long tube headers wont fit and the exhaust needs to be cut and modified.

That being said, you need to ask yourself what your goals are for the car before doing the swap. I want to do the swap eventually because its different and try to make power out of it.

By the way nice looking ride! My buddy had a comp orange coupe until recently, its a sharp looking color!

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Ok the title and post are confusing... What cams are you referring to? I see you have the number, Im guessing comp cams? Like I said above you need to think about the goals for the car before moving further. Personally, Id skip cams and go straight to boost. Sharbait did a similar swap to his 96 gt years ago and boosted it. Its going to perform much like a 4.6 under boost except with higher torque numbers.

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How did you install the shorty headers. Currently doing the 5.4 swap now and having clearing issues on both passenger side hitting the strut tower and on the driver side its laying on top on the steering rack. Using the same BBK shorty headers.

7.62x39 CO2 Cannon
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The consensus was years ago that 2v heads on a 5.4L are not optimal.

I guess if you boost it, that might help.

But the swap we used to do were 5.4L DOHC block and heads from the Lincoln Navigator.

This intake: 5.4L DOHC Fuel Injected Intake Manifold - Sullivan Performance Products

TB adapter: Throttle Body Adapter Dual Blade - Sullivan Performance Products


Navigator DOHC heads had larger intake ports than tumble port 4.6L Cobra DOHC heads had.

Of course the 2000 Cobra R, Ford GT, and GT500 heads are better, but they also cost more and not sure of the intake manifold options / prices nowadays since it's been almost two decades that I've even cared about Modular Fords.
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