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04 GT wont start

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Ok, my 04 GT will not start. I parked it Thursday afternoon and tried to crank it up yesterday but it would'nt turn over. I've already tried charging and jumping it off. The interior lights come on fine, the windows roll up very slowly, the door locks unlock and lock slowly to, other than that nothing else comes on. After checking all the fuses the next time I turned the key on the radio came on and the horn worked, but when I turned the key back off and on neither one worked again.

When you turn the key to the on position all the gauges max out then go back down. After all this I thought maybe the battery was causing it somehow but its reading 12.8 on the voltmeter. I'm really stumped on this one if you guys can help me out. Thanks in advance to any responses.
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my car did the same thing at one point in time and the battery was toast. if youve got another vehicle pull the battery out of it and stick it in your car and see if she starts up for ya.
either the battery or a bad ground somewhere
i thought the battery was suppose to read like 30 something?? 12 seems a little low?
i think its 14 im not to sure tho
it is not the volts, its the amps that start the car. it may say 12 volts that doesnt mean that the battery is good.
Your battery is probably crap. The best thing to do is try to start it with another battery.

I know that may not make much since, but a battery can be crap, and still manage to make a light come on. The ignition system pulls a lot of initial power from the battery.

On the other hand since it worked recently then suddenly wont turn over, id say you left something on or have a short somewhere.

My car did this and it ended up being the window motor regulator thing that pushes the lock up and down.
Yeah, get it checked to see if its grounding out anywhere, then get a new battery and call it good. Often times I find that I turn on the dome light when I turn off my headlights, little things like that happen, you might just have a dead battery.
battery. And make sure you dont just have the terminals laid on there and that they are TIGHT!
hell naw, not from me. I already know!

Got a story about not having the hood latched down and having it fly up and bust the windshield and warping the **** out of my roof. Happened in this stang. LOL.

Thats just one of those things you dont do twice. Same as battery terminals. You THINK they are fine cause it starts but its not going to happen eventually.
Oh fun deal with the hood, haha that must have been fun.
SCARY AS F... waited to fly up till i was going about 55 or 60. Happened so fast. I really bout **** myself! couldnt see and ****. When the hood slapped the roof it was ****ING LOUD! broke the cowl panel, wipers, windshield, hood, warped the roof. etc. It was not a good day. lol.
:deadhorse ^ damn that must have been a ****ed up day for you... but at least you have a shop specifically for these mishaps baker but none the less that still costs $ and sucks royally
yeah but still is time and still was money. WONT HAPPEN AGAIN! lol.

I still say ole boys problem is the battery. The guage sweep, slow windows, etc.
yeah he should take it off and take it in to an auto-zone or checkers to get tested Im sure its going to be a bad cell he can also check if its swollen from the sides thats an indication that you will need a new one
The sides werent swollen but it ended up being the battery. I pulled the wifes battery out and threw it in and she fired right up. Thanks a million guys...I just seen lights come on and i assumed the battery was fine. Not to mention I REALLY started sweating when all the gauges pegged out LMAO. I just knew the computer was toast or something major. Paranoia got to me LOL. Thanks again guys.
Your wife's gonna be pissed when she hops into her car and can't get it to start because you stole her battery...
LMAO I made sure to put it back after a trip to Oreilys
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