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Like the title states this is the swap I am about to do since my 4.6 has bit the dust and I only have a few questions.

I know the intake doesn't have to be taken off (just the TB/plenum needs to be swapped) but the one that came on this engine is cracked so I'll be using the one I already have, with this in mind do I buy intake gaskets based on the 07 grand marquis or the mustang since thats the intake I'll be using?

As far as seals such as rear main, etc are they all interchangeable on 2v Romeo blocks or will I have to get the seals specifically for the grand marquis and not mustang?

My last question would be about the valve covers, I did a lot of research and I'm assuming since it's a Romeo block I can swap my mustangs valve covers onto the grand marquis 4.6. Is that right?
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