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My 2009 V6 Coupe sat in the rain while I was away for a month and I had that dread cabin filter clog and water came thru my vents and onto my Smart Junction Box. When I started the car I heard a buzz and then the passenger window quit working. Went to junkyard and got a SJB from a slightly older (think 07) V6 and it works great but the antenna from my 09 box wont fit the replacement box. Antenna from my 09 box looks like a piece of coat hanger wire with a bayonete clip and the other box has a plug more like a cable TV plug.

Any ideas how I can find just the antenna for the replacement SJB? Dont see them on ebay or at parts places as it appears to only be sold as part of the whole box/antenna together. All works great with the replacement SJB but my key fob only works when its real close to the SJB and the TPMS sensors wont connect since the SJB has no antenna to pick up their signals.

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