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Since the July 16 evening 18:10 Dalian Xingang pipeline explosion occurred since the pollution situation and the responsibility to identify the parties have become the focus of attention.

The accident occurred in Dalian Xingang port Dagushan Petroleum International Logistics Co Ltd, Dalian bonded depot. Information, the company's bonded depot 1, 2 a total of 20 tanks, fire main part is a tank outside the outer pipe and 103 tanks. At present, the 103 can still emerge billowing smoke, fire officers and men of the tank's cooling work is still ongoing.

After the incident, Dalian International Logistics Co Ltd, oil still face the public. Concern is that a year ago, a depot on the company's environmental impact report trouble on the right may occur early warning fire and explosion accidents.

18 afternoon, a local official to the "Daily Economic News", told reporters that the region's security and fire safety measures may be far from compliance.

Dalian Port Corporation involved

Work Safety Bureau under the Dalian's description, the incident at that time, a Liberian oil tanker of 300,000 tons, pulling crude oil in Venezuela, is 1 km away from the tank terminal for offloading work. To the explosion, the tanker had unloaded the 3 days in the crude oil. Due to improper operation, trigger pipeline explosion, and lead to oil spills.

Yesterday (July 19) 10, held a press conference in Dalian. Changning Dalian Public Security Bureau deputy director, said the people, since the explosion, has invested a total of 7,200 police, fire vehicles, more than 1,200 vehicles, consuming a total of 933.7 tons bubble elimination of fire agents, the use of the more than 4200 tons of cement and sand. The data from the reflection of the seriousness of the accident.

"Daily Economic News" reporter learned that the explosion caused by oil leakage through underground drainage pipes directly into the Yellow Sea, formed in the ocean above a thick layer of oil, contaminated area has been extended to more than 100 square kilometers.

The public is most concerned about the reasons for the explosion has yet to form a conclusion. It is reported that the accident investigation team conducting technical analysis and investigation.

Information, the accident occurred in the oil Dalian International Logistics Co Ltd, approved by the Customs bonded tank is established, specialized store has not MBT Kesho MJ Military yet been processed through customs and immigration, tax procedures for imported crude oil storage sites at sea. The depot is the cause of the company by the Dalian International Holdings, Dalian Port Corporation shares (each holding 80%, 20%) joint venture company, registered in the Dalian Bonded Zone.

Dalian bonded oil depot in the main function is to use the port of Dalian New Port advantages to the Dalian Petrochemical, West Pacific Petrochemical and other petrochemical companies to provide a stable, balanced source of imported oil, while the Bohai economic region's petrochemical Nike Air Trainer Max 2 ’94 White/Black-Varsity Red enterprises to provide transit services, In addition, according market demand and prices, etc. in due course to South Korea, Japan, re-export.

Yesterday, the Dalian Port Corporation (02880, HK) announcement that, after the accident, the group part of the supporting facilities, including pipelines and control systems are part of the damage and losses caused by the impact on production to be further evaluated.
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