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Hey guys, I know this isn't a section for topics like this but I can't find a better one. So I've been gone for a while and now I've only got 6 months left in Japan, then I'm a civilian and get to see and drive my baby 67 fastback again. But on to this subject- the 2010 Mustang is lookin to be the slickest, classiest looking mustang since the 67/8/(69 just cause it looked so good). Which gives me a dilemma. Should I invest in a modern vehicle for the first time ever? No, I guess not. But if I fall into about $100,000 (with $25,000 of that to spare on a new Stang) in the next couple years I'd take this up in a heartbeat.

Looks like the 05-09 was a lot like the 65-66's (although lived for twice as long), unrefined, potential to look cool but something just seemed off. And this 2010 looks like 67's answer to the first-gen. Which is amazing. The fat, boring, almost generic kinda look of 05-9 was a lot like the plasticy, unproportioned 65-6's. And with the new hood, the new rear, the new tail of the 10 it seems like everything the 05-9's should have had modified have been. The front end is the sickest thing I've seen. It sits so low, any hood with scoops will make this '10 looks incredible. The rear quarters remind me of the new Challenger, with the sleek and skinny wells. I don't know if that's good or bad, but I prefer it over the first-gen. And the taillights, I'm not sure how to take them but even they seem to have more detail put into them (like how the plastic squares went to 3 separated taillights from 66 to 67) with the chrome trim and new, more unique shape in them.

This is just a quick opinion of what one diehard classic mustang guy thinks of the new car, but I get really tired of googling opinions on things like cars, and not one person ever hits the nail on the head. "2010 looks great", for unrelated reasons to anything other than the generic compliments is pretty annoying. I'm sure real fans have a much better, more detailed opinion than that.
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