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15.5 mpg - How can I improve this?

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I recently calculated my mileage for my 2001 v6 (stock, no mods). 15.5 seems way too low.

All of my driving is local streets (school, sports, parties, etc), but it still shouldn't be that low I think?

Is this normal, or is there something I should check for? How can I improve my MPG?
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how did you calculate you MPG? by pump or by what your gauge read?
and yes a tune up will help you save gas
I will look into the seafoam, and have read some pretty positive reviews and even tutorials on how to do it. Thanks for the suggestion guys!

I set the trip a week ago when I last filled up, and when I filled up today divided the trip by how much gallons of gas the pump said it put in.
ok thats the correct way
fill up til full
0 your miles
then fill up after 100-200 w/e miles aslong as its not like 5-15
then fill up and see how many gallons it take to put in then divide that by your miles

i'd do air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs and oil change
all can be done under $100 for SURE
$10 air fitler
fuel filter is $8-9
autolite copper plugs- $10 for 6
oil 5 quarts-$12-30(depending on choice)
oil filter-$3-10(depending on choice)
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Is there any way I can test to see if they are bad, or should I just assume so?
if your sensors are bad your Check engine light willl come on, and using a OBD II scanner you can read the code
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