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15.5 mpg - How can I improve this?

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I recently calculated my mileage for my 2001 v6 (stock, no mods). 15.5 seems way too low.

All of my driving is local streets (school, sports, parties, etc), but it still shouldn't be that low I think?

Is this normal, or is there something I should check for? How can I improve my MPG?
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do a tuneup on ur car and seafoam it
just in case tune up includes:

-oil change
-air filter change
-fuel filter change
{and a lot more but those can change the mpg}

also check your tires if they need air it will drop ur mpg.. believe it or not..


buy it and put 1/3 on the pcv 1/3 fuel and 1/3 on oil (or something like that idk the measurements) after putting it on oil change the oil after 200-300 miles
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ohh yeah that's another thing bad o2 sensors really **** up the mpg's
well i dont know a exact way but well they are supposed to be change annually so if u haven't done it well do it
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also the rpms would make a lil dance.. but that could be made by 2 things bad o2 sensors or maf..

but its usually the o2 that makes a lil rpm change the maf usually make the big rpm change when bad
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