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I know, I know, this gets asked a lot and I've been researching and seeing mixed answers going back through years of posts all over the web.

The car is a 04 V6, 7.5" rear end still for now. Im working on building this for a 351C/C6 swap later on down the road with a 9" rear, but for now I'm gonna get all my suspension/chassis and wheel/tire clearances addressed. The car will see times of being slammed down on air bags, so things tucking under and into the wheel well are important. I plan to run 15x10 rear wheels and 17x4 or 5 up front. With the 15x10 on a 6.5 backspace, how much meat have people been able to tuck into the wheel well on a lowered car? Mostly looking at 26 and 28 tall tires, just curious about how wide of rubber and what height people have been able to tuck in without any clearancing work to the wheel well or quarter lip.

I know your laughing, big rubbers on a v6 with the baby axle but its just for mock up purposes and still be able to be driven around a bit without issues while I work on other parts of the build. I promise I'm only gonna troll a drag appearanced 6 banger for a little while lol.

Pictures arent my car but is what Im trying to accomplish as far as the wheel and tire sizes go. I appreciate any help and would love to see pics of your rear combos with 15x10s.


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