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A few questions about 1966 mustangs.

1) How do u know if its a v6, v8 or gt (if they made gt's in 66)
2) Would a v6 or v8 convertible in good or ok condition be worth 12,000 (not sure which because i have been getting crappy pics from a girls cell. Its my friends granddads mustang.)
3) Should a 17 year old get a 1966 stang
4) Would it be better for me to get a 2000 to 2004 model for around 8,000

The most i wanna pay for a mustang is 8,000 but for a classic (and the fact i know the guys grandson i could work out payment plans.) i think i could go up to that price if it is worth it. I will hopfully get some better pics.

Pics i asked for are:

1) Front
2) Back
3) Both sides (2 on each side. 1 of the back half and 1 of the front half)
4) If possible the under side
5) Engine
6) Cloth top (2) one under and one top
7) Dash
8) Seats
(the person said they will go way over board with a few shots of each that i asked for if possible.)

Specs i asked for:

1) Type (v6,v8, or GT if they make GT convertibles)
2) What if any mods
3) Mileage
4) All accidents its been in (if any)
5) All new parts (and if they are because they are upgraded or if they just went bad.)
6) Reason for selling it (already know but asked its because he has it in a garage and doesn't drive it much and has a few other cars and needs the space.)
7) HP and Torq (sorry didn't know how to spell it.)

So do u guys think i have everything covered or is there other things i should get pics of or things i need to ask. I do have a a Mechanic that can take a look at it for me. My step dad is also good with cars (or so he says :lmao ). Can get the funding for it to if i have to.

Thanks for the help in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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