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Hey Everyone!

I have a 1967 with a rebuilt i6 200ci. I've had the rebuilt motor in there for about 5 years and it has ran like a champ. Has a beautiful custom exhaust and headers to make it sound like it can run with the big boys...but her bark is MUCH bigger than her bite! :grin2:

I'm finally at a place in life where I have some cash saved up and want to spend some on my baby. I've really been wanting to make the swap to a 5.0 crate motor. Not only do I like the idea of having the car drive like a new car, but also having some power pushin it! I know I'll have to also swap the transmission and do some suspension for all the new weight. Also has a 3 speed automatic transmission right now. Wouldn't mind switching to a manual, but also wouldn't mind just keeping it automatic either.

I'd love some guidance on where to find motors and trannys for something like this, and also any guidance from anybody who has done a swap like this.

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