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I replaced my sender with a new one from Holley with an in-tank pump for my EFI conversion, never had a problem with the old one and and I don't recall it being hard to install, but this new one just WILL NOT seal. I'm doing it from underneath the car so i didn't have to remove the tank. I have the gasket on there. First time I put it on the gasket slipped out from under the sender plate as I tightened it. Solitaire
I redid it and put a little PTFE paste on it to hold it in place. Seemed to work for two days but this morning I noticed I have a gas puddle underneath the tank (it's outside).
Not sure what to do here. No matter what I do I can't keep the gasket from slipping and the locking ring is extremely difficult to set but I finally got it. I'm considering just getting some gas-proof gasket maker and slather thing it with it.
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