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1969 ***playboy Pink*** Mustang Fastback

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This is mine and my dads pride and joy. We have been restoring this car for about two years now with what little time and resources we have had available. It is a 1969 5.2 litre V8 fastback Mustang which we shipped over all the way from Colorado (USA) to the docks of sunny Themsport (London). we have formed a company called CAM (Classic American Muscle) and hope that one day we will be able to restore these beautiful pieces of American history as a full time occupation. As for now the main concern is getting the company off the ground ie restoring this car to its full factory fitted condition and colour. This happens to be Playboy pink, not my personal colour preference but this is the original colour and also an extremely rare colour, rumour has it that this car was only issued to the rich and famous. Possibly the legend himself known as Hugh Hefner.. anyway this car is the result of a lot of hard work and struggle which we have faced these past years and someday soon will be restored to its original glory and hopefully be the platform and step we need to have our own garage. If anyone has any info on this car it would be greatfully appreciated as even the hardcore enthusiasts dont seem to own one and only know of its rarety in this colour.. YES ITS RARE! lol click on the photobucket link and check out what we have done so far.. Much love Paddy and Dave x

Car Details:
5.2 litre V8 Windsor Block
Vin Number: 9R02T123124
BODY: 63A (Standard Interior, bucket seats)
TRIM: 2A (Charcoal black, corinthian vinyl and charcoal black kiwi vinyl)
DATE OF REGISTRATION: 19th November 1969
AXLE 6: 3.00:1
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5.2 liter?
I was wondering the same thing. Must be a european size motor.

Or he could of ment 5.7 liter for a 351W

Great work on the the car, I cant wait to see it done... :D

Welcome to MM Forums ....
He said he bought it from a guy in Colorado so its not a european motor. And all the classics where made in America so they would have a regular American motor anway :dunno

Pretty sure it was a miss type, but pretty cool ive seen the playboy pink cars but never in a fastback.

And I cant quit laughing at "mabey the legend himself....hugh hefner" :lmao
Yep it wasnt a color code It had special or something to that effect (I cant remember exact) Stamped on its data plate
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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