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i have a thread in the clubhouse about this but im thinking now maybe this is a better place to put it. anyway, looking at a 72 convertible, with a 351c.

heres what i know about the car so far.

- second owner of the car, first owner was a family friend.
- mid 70's the car was used in 2-3 Marlboro magazine ads.
- original color was Ivy Glow Green.
- always garaged
- painted, new top, and new original interior put in ...1994-95
- floor pan was replaced in 1986
- Radiator, powersteering pump and Master cylinder replaced.
- The car came with Air conditioning , but has not worked since I bought needs a compressor.
- The heater core went about 6-7 years ago...I never fixed becuase I don't drive it in the winter.
The Convertible top is a power top, Car has a am/fm digital cassette deck ...made for classic cars...and a 180 watt power booster.
- Car has a performance sway bar front and rear
- For the most part the car is all original except for the color.

theres one pic in the thread -

i have more i can email out (if someone can serioulsly advise me here, send me an email address and ill send out some pics)

seller is asking a little over 12k.


edit more info from seller ( i had asked about under the hood and the body):

Everything under is in good condition.
Engine does not need work or replacement ...had tune ups every year until the mechanic told me to stop since I did not put enough mileage to warrant it.
Only 1 problem I noticed was, not driving enough does cause I start the car every 2-3 weeks and let it run for 45 minutes.
The car has a couple of scratchs, rear quarter something inside the trunk fell over and knocked a the side about an inch long.
Front bumper has a few small scratch's as well....road rocks etc.
Belts and gaskest are fine
Frame is in perfect condition accidents......bumpers have been taken off for paininting so if its off a just needs to be adjusted..I never noticed what you mention.
There has been minor rust in places...when I had it painted ...had new metal welded in.
Its a single exhaust..351 cleveland..2 barrel

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It sounds like a nice car, so what do you want from us. What can we tell you?

If it was always garaged why was there rust? Is this you car or somelses car?

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Sounds like it needs to be weened back onto the road; and you may have to put a pretty penny into it if you plan on driving it to an increased extent.

Right now, it sounds like a museum show case car.
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