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Noob here - I have progress threads on my 1988 GT in a few other forums and have asked this question in those threads but I'm just going to jump to this here, since it's my current predicament.

I have a 1988 GT that I've been working on. I bought it back in January from a guy who was the second owner. I believe most of the mods were done by the first owner. It's been sort of a mixed bag. Some of the mods were done in what might be described as custom, or perhaps a half-assed way. The alternator for example, was upgraded to 3G, but the power cable that runs from the alternator to the starter solenoid, was basically a MacGyver'd version of the stock cable. I recently just finished fixing that. With the assistance of sharp eyes from other smart Mustang people, I figured out that the brakes have been upgraded too...sort of. The front rotors look to be the same size as stock but are drilled.

The rear brakes have also been upgraded to disc brakes (here's pics of the inside but I haven't taken rear wheels off to look at the rotors yet).
IMG-0502.jpg IMG-0500.jpg

The car also has a Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve.

It looks like a previous owner did the 3-2 conversion but the master cylinder looks very similar to stock. Someone pointed out that it looks like my brake lines from the master cylinder to the factory proportioning valve are copper. A few folks on other forums have chimed in that copper lines are not good and that I should try to address this asap. Initially I was looking at purchasing the 1993 Cobra Master Cylinder, which appears to be somewhat of an upgrade, and can fit on 87-93 GT Mustangs without major modifications. The problem I'm anticipating though, is the Maximum Motorsports master cylinder installation kit doesn't appear to include the front port brake line, which I obviously need to replace too. I'm not seeing any front port lines available on MM or LMR.

I also looked at the 94-95 Cobra MC on MM and it looks like their installation kit does include a complete line kit. Anyone have thoughts on the 94-95 Cobra MC for a mostly stock 1988 GT? One person said that they thought this was typically for people upgrading to 13 inch Cobra front brakes.

I ended up ordering the 1993 Cobra master cylinder and Maximum Motorsports installation kit, thinking that I can just see about putting together a front port brake line or getting one from a parts shop. So basically my question after this long-winded thread is, could I just do the 94-95 Cobra master cylinder without any significant adjustments? Or should I stick with my plan on going with the 1993? If I could do the 94-95 and more complete installation kit, I am fine with trying to change my order so I don't have to piece together a front port brake line. Thanks.
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