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1992 Mustang Gt Roller $2500 O.B.O

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HI, I am selling a 1992 Mustang Gt with a blown motor. Everything else on the car is perfect just spun a bearing. The body has just about 110k and the automatic trans was rebuilt 4k ago. The trans has a few modifications done to it such as a b&m shift improver kit, kevlar clutches and built valve body. Some other modifications to the car are full exhaust Mac Shorty headers, Mac H-pipe, flowmaster 40's dumped at the axle, 4.10 gears in the rearend, cervinis ram air intake (with the functional ram air hood). Also have pioneer door speakers, and kicker speakers in the back. Has the Cervinis stalker front bumper on it.Tints all around including tint strip on the windsheild. It is Metallic Blue with Silver trim on the bottom. Will post pictures shortly if not quick enough email me for pictures and additional information if needed. Will except trades and i will give cash on low mileage trucks and Srt4's. Email me at [email protected].

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where are you located?
how low would you go if pay in cash?
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