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For the past two days now I have noticed that my car pushes heat out of the floor vents for no reason. It doesn't feel like the heat is ON and blowing air but you can feel the heat coming from the floor.

I experimented tonight on the way home and turned the temp control all the way on cold and turned it to the floor setting. It did nothing but blow out hot air. I thought to myself "ok, the AC has gone out." I then switched it to the dash vents and it got cold in a matter of seconds..
I switched it back to the floor and it made the air cold coming out of there this time. I then turned it off and heard the vents close. Not long after that, I felt the heat emanating once again...

On a side note, my car has been running a little warmer than usual since I started to notice the heat. Not all the time, but it fluctuates more and sits right in the middle rather than 40% of the way up. It does this at night as well when its only high 60s so its not the heat factor of summer.
My tranny seems to be getting warmer than usual as well. (I can feel it through the center carpet region) I plan on getting a trans cooler for it soon though.

No leaks and antifreeze level is normal.

EDIT: alright, I guess my vents were just stuck open allowing the heat from the engine into the's not doing this today.
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