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1996 Mustang GT asking $2000 OBO
20200226_164249_HDR.jpg 20200226_164309_HDR.jpg 20200226_164318_HDR.jpg 20200226_164333_HDR.jpg

Was my daily driver and had planned on keeping it forever but am getting too old and lazy to deal with the maintenance
green with tan leather interior. Interior in good shape (no rips) paint fairly good. Runs strong for an older mustang.
The good
tokico adjustable struts - 2 years old
blue rear shocks - 2 years old
recent new front calipers, brake lines, rotors and pads
new clutch and rebuilt transmission from promotion powertrain (see the bad)
spark plugs replace last year
Kenwood stereo and newer amp when bought the stereo
MGW shifter
After market rims

The Bad
Has over 200,000 miles
Dorman intake has a minor coolant leak
Transmission part that the throw out bearing rides on broke after 2 months (fixed) and the transmission is now leaking so figuring I got taken. Does shift good though!
odometer gear is broken - have the part to fix
windshield pump not working - have the pump
AC needs to be re-charged. Have seldom used it since you can feel the power loss.
Figure the front end needs work or an alignment - squirms a touch on the freeway when applying the brakes hard
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