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But yet, there are some places on the car that is somewhat fading out due to the clearcoat.
If your already getting clear coat fade, but the PAINT is still in good shape, then you could get by on a 'small scale' paint job and just re-clear the car. By that, I mean prep the car thoroughly and then re-shoot with some high quality clear to keep from having more severe problems in the future. This is obviously a short cut instead of re-shooting the entire car but it can be done if the base is still in good shape. If the fading is the paint itself and the clear is totally gone, then you might as well shoot the whole car.

I've sprayed two Mystic Cobras (Code LF) with similar problems. BASF R-M (#688072) or Dupont Mystichrome are the closet factory match up.

The first Cobra just had some clear coat peel going on. At the owners request, I wetsanded the factory clear and sprayed Dupont ChromaClear and it came out looking better than new.

On the second Cobra, there was a previous (butchered) repair and the colors didn't match up right at all when you looked at it. Over a clear base, I shot Dupont's Mystichrome on top of the factory color since it had begun to fade so bad and it had a lot of bad spots in it from a tree it was parked under. Came out looking perfect.

For kicks, I sprayed HOK's Kameleon for a ghost flame effect on my 95 Cobra as seen here when I repainted the car.

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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