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he most likely means the intake has been replaced with the alluminium crossover
I hope so because saying that it has an "Aluminum Intake Manifold" does not mean "haveing a aluminum crossover"....misleading and sounds fishy.
Just saw the pics and from the outside. From what was mentioned about the car and pics, I would not go over 4k. I would offer 32 hundred, you never get back the part money you put into the car. Remember those parts are what HE wanted not others and the mileage is high. And why was the interior changed? Full exhaust? What did he mean by this? Aftermarket Headers/Xor H pipe/Cat back is a full exhaust or did he mean stock full exhaust? I like how he says "-full synthetic oil change" he only did this once? lol ya sounds fishy, I would pass on it and look for another if he wont sell for 32 or close to it.
Good luck in you decission
1 - 2 of 149 Posts
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