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1996gt...worth it??

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ok this guy is selling his red 1996 mustang gt for 5K.

98,000 miles about

this is what it has:
-mach 460 sound system w/ new head unit
-CD player with bluetooth and ipod ports
-full exhaust system
-Bilistenen cobra wheels
-cobra brakes and rotors
-cold air intake
-aluminum intake manifold
-brand new interior (few years old)
-new tires w/ less than 5k miles on them
-new spark plugs and wires
-full synthetic oil change

is it worth it? it seems low to me, but i dunno, maybe its high? how much should i offer him? what other questions should i ask him when testing it? what should i look for? what should i check on the car?

COMMENTS AND OPINIONS PLEASE!!!! :):) lemme know.....
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Farrah drives the mustang all the time. She has had one wreck in it but she said sorry so.... lol. She doesnt mind the modding stuff as long as she doesnt get neglected for it. Which that would be shitty not to help out with whatever hobby she wants to do. She wanted another horse so she got another horse. Things like that. The day i tell her "i cant buy you those shoes, i got to buy a smaller pulley for more boost", she will probably keep quiet, wait till next day, get in driveway and just hold gas pedal down to floor for 3 hours or until motor scatters, which ever comes first. (neither is going to be good)
lol... oh she has no problem with ruining some ****. One day i put my hands over my ears out in the yard just to show her i wasnt listening to her bitching. She goes and PUNCHES 2 dents in my tailgate of my new 9" lifted f150. I froze bro!!!!! lol....

Then another time she threw a rock the size of a baseball at it and hit right above the rear door glass. She was standing about 35 yards away! lol She better be damn glad she didnt hit the window. lol.

She does all this cause she knows ill just take it to my dads shop and fix it. lol. She is crazy when i **** up. lol. But she is an awesome girl in the end. She REALLY takes care of me. We have been living together for 6 years and ive NEVER NEVER done the dishes, NEVER NEVER touched the dryer or washing machine, NEVER NEVER vacuumed, etc. I dont even know how to use the ****! lol. She really is a cool chick. just crazy at times!!! But somehow, it was prolly my fault. haha!
lol yeah she can get ugly at times! I just hide!
lolol!.... ^wont ask questions and just trust you to the fullest on that one!
yeah ill be the first to tell you.... she does not like the comparing gf's ordeal. NO SIR!!!! That will cost you 1/3rd of your life. lol.
damn... left you for a guy on a video game? OUCH!!!!! how do you even get to know someone like that enough to leave someone you live with!
you coulda at least just done her! lol
1 - 7 of 149 Posts
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