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1996gt...worth it??

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ok this guy is selling his red 1996 mustang gt for 5K.

98,000 miles about

this is what it has:
-mach 460 sound system w/ new head unit
-CD player with bluetooth and ipod ports
-full exhaust system
-Bilistenen cobra wheels
-cobra brakes and rotors
-cold air intake
-aluminum intake manifold
-brand new interior (few years old)
-new tires w/ less than 5k miles on them
-new spark plugs and wires
-full synthetic oil change

is it worth it? it seems low to me, but i dunno, maybe its high? how much should i offer him? what other questions should i ask him when testing it? what should i look for? what should i check on the car?

COMMENTS AND OPINIONS PLEASE!!!! :):) lemme know.....
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Its a great car to start with. Id go up to 4500 for it. But I love mustangs to much
Well magnaflow catted pipes are 500. So thats like 300 for them to install it =P
But thats not funny lol... dude I was soooo pissed about that. My girlfreind saw me pissed for the first time, and it was over THAT xpipe.
I knew after I crawled under my car for the first time I had been suckered into something.

I have alot of import freinds. So when a story like this hits lol... it spreads.
Powerdynes make my car a sleeper. The shop didnt even know the car was S/C untill I showed them because they didnt beleive me. (Which was my first sign something wasnt done right).
Well accualy it should be around 260 or so now. My car is Full Npi.
No clue the xpipe was supposed to free alot of hp up according to my tuner. im getting my tune "fixed" monday because iv had some issues with what they did. So maybe il get some revised numbers
Well i when I was tuned with only 227 I spun all the way up to 80 in "D" if i started in first geear....i mean any point in first gear. The car would sail to 120 without stopping.

Fastest 227rwhp car on the block!

Hopefully with this all fixed up I should be back to kicking ass

Also iv seen our cars with Auto dyno in with as 160rwhp - 180rwhp. So thats a 60rwhp gain
I like its 215bhp.
Theres a 10% loss of power and i think like 15% for autos because of the drivetrain.
I dont really care about numbers. I just use them as a tool to know if I got a gain. What really matters is having someone get in. Then when you drop them off they saying that I should havnt that car.
Everyone loves there car to be loud. Untill you have a hangover... then i Fing hate my exhaust. Cause the gas pedal = pain.
Thats what I thought. Untill I got one.

But its nice having a loud car. People know when im coming so there ready for when i get there. Its great!

My girlfreinds family knows the sound of my car. They can hear it from when it enters the neighborhood.
Lol. I just hope to win a sound off contest or 2 in this coming season. Im siked.
But i just said i was full Npi.... not Pi.

So pretty much a stock motor(with a bolt on or 2) with a blower. I have a thread entirely of my being pissed at my low numbers lol..

On my last tune I made 227rwhp and 298rwtq
Kind funny i made as much torque as that guy you posted in that link. But I had 10psi of backpressure through my exhaust so i had to iron that out to get some real numbers. Hopefully by the end of this week il post my new numbers.
Well i have everything but the headers because I really just dont feel like dealing with them.

I think after I get my tune fixed im just going for visual mods. Maybe a 50 shot of n20 but thats if im feeling like a bad ass.
3500 is a good deal.

but yea im staying Full NPI.

My tuning shop said they would fix my tune for FREE. Which makes me so happy to hear. So once the tune is taken care of then the motor will be complete! Its not the fastest thing but I enjoy it.
Lol id rather keep her were she is. Cams will destroy my MPG's even more. And so far it cost me $15 to get to work and back every day...
what with you and "sexy" today? Lol

And yea they are some of the best looking mustangs ever made.
Dont beleive you have one. Show us some PICS!

Oh was this thread about a mustang...? ermm um show us some pics of that too.
Hhaha i hear ya. So what ever happend to this 1996 GT?
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