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1996gt...worth it??

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ok this guy is selling his red 1996 mustang gt for 5K.

98,000 miles about

this is what it has:
-mach 460 sound system w/ new head unit
-CD player with bluetooth and ipod ports
-full exhaust system
-Bilistenen cobra wheels
-cobra brakes and rotors
-cold air intake
-aluminum intake manifold
-brand new interior (few years old)
-new tires w/ less than 5k miles on them
-new spark plugs and wires
-full synthetic oil change

is it worth it? it seems low to me, but i dunno, maybe its high? how much should i offer him? what other questions should i ask him when testing it? what should i look for? what should i check on the car?

COMMENTS AND OPINIONS PLEASE!!!! :):) lemme know.....
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yea i wouldnt pay more than 4k for it
sounds good, hope it works out, sounds like a good clean base for your personaliztion and customizing
this coming from the guy who paid 800 bucks for a catted h pipe :lol
yea i would be too, they did sucker you in on that one. it couldve been alot worse too
yea, you need to make up for it by stomping them with your S/C beast...
yea, even at 6 psi, you should be closer to 300 rwhp
but where is it at right now :lol
hopefully, cause id be pissed if i had a s/c and only gained like 30 hp
our cars have 205 hp stock... those dynos are off lol.
they should be the same... and yea i meant 215. at the wheels, i havent seen anything less than 200 unless something is wrong
or driving down the road with a car so loud the girl in the car next to you rolls down her window and asks for a ride
even then i wouldnt care lol, of course i dont get hangovers.
ive drank heavily, still nothing. but my car isnt loud yet, all my parts are sitting in the garage waiting for me to visit and install them :D then she will be loud as hell
yea, i wont have a problem lol. bbk longtubes into an o/r h pipe into slp LM1s
LOL cool story guys... XD
crap :sorry this thread blended into the other one. /threadjack
they flow better i think, they do get better hp ratings i know that
just search on youtube, usually they say in the description what they have, and just try different clips
yea i wouldnt care if she understood it or not, the first thing im going to say when i date someone long term is going to be, im going to do what makes me happy, and that is modding my cars and going to the local drag strip. if she doesnt like it she can deal or find someone else :dunno
very wrong. now it has happened in the past, but i didnt have a mustang then. and after everything she did to me, i wont let it happen again. so my previous post will remain unmolested by lies. and they can deal with it or get out
1 - 20 of 149 Posts
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