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1996gt...worth it??

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ok this guy is selling his red 1996 mustang gt for 5K.

98,000 miles about

this is what it has:
-mach 460 sound system w/ new head unit
-CD player with bluetooth and ipod ports
-full exhaust system
-Bilistenen cobra wheels
-cobra brakes and rotors
-cold air intake
-aluminum intake manifold
-brand new interior (few years old)
-new tires w/ less than 5k miles on them
-new spark plugs and wires
-full synthetic oil change

is it worth it? it seems low to me, but i dunno, maybe its high? how much should i offer him? what other questions should i ask him when testing it? what should i look for? what should i check on the car?

COMMENTS AND OPINIONS PLEASE!!!! :):) lemme know.....
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Thats great for the cams but im sure this young guy doesn't have the 600 bucks to put in these another tune.

If he was having an xpipe installed,he will need the cams installed as well. more $$

I look from a $$$ perspective. PI cams you can get off a junk yard PI motor, preferably the romeo cams, and they still will add an extra 15rwhp without having to tune the car or hope it will idle right...
quoted for truth. i was hoping to get a set of those custom cams but cant afford to shell out the cash. i really believe with a full bolt-on setup you can make 300 rwhp through the stock npi heads with those cams. but im settling instead on pi cams and a pi intake. although theres a certain member on here that was running something like a 14.6 with his bolt on/npi auto. (blacksunshine?)
The intake is what hold the NPI and PI motors back.. Plastic ftl and sheet metal FTW.. I am telling everyone in this section that NPI heads are the way to go for N/A or boost motors unless you notch the hell out of your pistons for the PI heads then they are still not that much better.. I am telling you that if you get a Logan intake (yes expensive but worth every penny) and port match the heads to the intake (NPI) and run a killer cam then 350+ is obtainable, almost unavoidable! I would be the first to prove it if I had the funds..
hah you sound like me there. especially quoting my tccoa thread and stuff. i believe in the NPI head from an NA standpoint, but i think once you start boosting it the exhaust port is really going to choke it down. no matter how much porting is involved i think its going to fall short of the PI exhaust design. and the trickflow 2v heads are making quite a scene too. with no porting involved theyre laying down something like 360 rwhp with the matching cams and intake? thats insane. when alls said and done though, i probably couldve bought a procharger and made 400 rwhp for the same price and had some room to grow if i wanted to forge, etc. for now the pi intake and pi cams arent perfect, but theyll give me a nice little boost in hp for cheap. im not going to have the cash to make my car run 10's anytime soon. but i think im doing okay for my budget. just wish an NPI guy with cash would try out some of those modularheadshop cams. they seem to be the equivalent to hitech stage 2 PI cams (300 rwhp with full boltons, stock longblock) but obviously designed to be used with the NPI head.
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Sounds interesting. I'm going with the SVO setup designed by Ford Motorsport for mine. Iv'e already got a set of the heads and the intake. I'm assembling the rest of the pieces required to install the intake now, then I'll get some custom grind cams to finish it off.

I am planning on staying N/A, so I am considering a forged stroker short block setup in the FAR OFF future.

Right now all my money is going into the rear end rebuild. But that should be done real soon. Then I'm going to pull out the adjustable lower control arms and install the mm solids I have in the closet and go with a torque arm set up for the rear. After that, it's time to rebuild the front suspension with coil overs and a tubular k member. THEN, I should be able to do the motor.

All this in between fixing everything that breaks in between of course!!!
im very jealous of that svo gear. they say its comparable to the new trickflow 2v heads.
I am gonna do as much machining to the NPI heads as I can.. I will probly end up wasting enough money to get a set of TFS heads but I have to satisfy my curiosity and follow this build though.. I am going with a logan intake and I am gonna run after market fuel system with the largest cams NPI heads can take.. I expect around 375hp once the block is bored once I am satisfied with the N/A build I am going 70mm turbo and I am gonna see what the heads are made of boost style.. This is all in fun for me and I am gonna enjoy every second of this build!
im excited as hell. if it ends well i might end up keeping the 96 and building it instead of waiting til im 30 and buying an 04 cobra lol. everyone knows the 2v's sound much meaner anyway :p
Only way I'd buy a 96-98 GT is if it already had a PI or better, or I planned to do the swap to a PI or DOHC (or heck, even a 5.4L). :yes


My Explorer aluminum block PI swap has got me 8.74 1/8 and 13.56 1/4 with 3:73's and some bolt-ons.
i believe ive seen your quarter mile vids on youtube. you can drive like hell lol. makes me wish i had the cash for an engine swap. i love the idea of an explorer swap. and its much more realistic than the 5.4 4v navigator swap ive been dreaming about lol.
**** over the summer I had set aside almost $1k for mods, but I was going to wait till winter to get started on anything but with my whole GI Bill paperwork taking 10 years to go through that all went to the school.

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the best women (like my girl) understand the modding bug. she bought me a matching x-pipe for my long tubes for my birthday :D
She would call him when i went to work and went to sleep. Yea i was a little mad.

Rofl she sent me a "omg i miss you your perfect i missed up " txt a few days ago. I Lol'd and went back to working on my freinds car. it was like 4 pages long. hahhaha!

But yea after all that i kinda stoped playing wow
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