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1996gt...worth it??

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ok this guy is selling his red 1996 mustang gt for 5K.

98,000 miles about

this is what it has:
-mach 460 sound system w/ new head unit
-CD player with bluetooth and ipod ports
-full exhaust system
-Bilistenen cobra wheels
-cobra brakes and rotors
-cold air intake
-aluminum intake manifold
-brand new interior (few years old)
-new tires w/ less than 5k miles on them
-new spark plugs and wires
-full synthetic oil change

is it worth it? it seems low to me, but i dunno, maybe its high? how much should i offer him? what other questions should i ask him when testing it? what should i look for? what should i check on the car?

COMMENTS AND OPINIONS PLEASE!!!! :):) lemme know.....
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no, i wasnt planning on offering him that at all. think 4k or even less HMUSN??

heres a few pics. they def look like aftermarket rims, so i wonder....
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yeah ill see how low he'll go down....if it gets around 3 3.5k ill probably take it. 4k is probably to high for me, ill wait till something else comes.
yeah i believe it has been replaced with an aluminum one cause the one prior was plastic i think....and i am going to see and test drive it today, so i was just seeing what to look for, ask, then ill post more about it later tonight.

In my area it is listed on kbb as 4,700 as excellent. and 4,300 as good. so he probably went with like the excellent price plus all the addons.
ok so i went to go test it and look at it today.
-the guy before him changed the gt emblems with the cobra ones the svt and the cobras on the sides.
-they were bilisteen shocks and hilabrand wheels.
-it was pretty good condition though nice sound system with bose speakers
-strut tower and sway bars too. so it def handled pretty good and sounded nice.

imma think about it, probably wont get it if he wants more than 3,500k

thankss guys
yeah i plan on paying 4k max, but start lower obviously...
crap :sorry this thread blended into the other one. /threadjack
HAHA :(:mad: its all good dude. no worries
LOL this thread is still going....:eek: i did buy the car if it mattered at all. ill post better pics later i guess. :D

sorry for the interruption though....let the thread continue. :D:)
:chillpill this thread got off topic 4 pages ago...there has never been pictures. tomarrow ill take some
because it started out by me asking if this car was worth it...but got lost in the 3rd page
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