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I own a 1997 saleen s281 car was ordered with the vortect supercharger from saleen in 97.the car still has the leather double gauge pod on top of dash with original saleen boost and fuel pressure gauges.the previous owner sold the supercharger and intercooler right before i bought it.the car still has 42# injectors.1997-98 pre billet intake manifold still. And all fuel system upgrades rails,pumps,manual fuel regulator,,coils wires,cobra throttle body, cold air bbk,big race radiator,race steering shaft,bbk off road x with factory boralla exhaust,3:55 cc plates,original saleen shocks race craft suspension
I want to put a supercharger back on the car and car is mostly setup all ready.
Need advice-t45 is being replace right now and while i was under there removed oil pan to replace pan wih one with no big dent.noticed a heat sticker on one freeze plug so engine reman thinking.stock crank and rods does have a cobra oil cooler.non pi heads- what should i buy with a budget of 4000.oo. Can i get it supercharged again for that?im a good wrench turner rebuit 97 cobra conv,99cobra,just done a 2000 gt not to mention 5.4 3v and 2v engines.what pistons?crankshaft?rods?heads?

If you guys google search 1997 mustang saleen 97-0118 or saleen 97-118 you will find history on car and i have a video on youtube with my daughter years ago doing a walk around.
Thanks for advice wanting to run 8-10 #s
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