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2.3 build

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So iv thought about this for awhile but wasnt sure, i always wanted to v8 swap my 92 LX but i have never done a swap and really dont wanna chop up my harness or anything so iv decided on just doing a turbo build. As of rn its a stock block 2.3l 4cyl but i wanna have a little fun without having to ruin my car. So i want to know what everyone has done or advice on how I should go about building this. I want to use the stock block as of rn cause iv been inside it and its honestly pretty fresh. So what can i do to get some power out of this and so it holds up to a little horsepower. I was thinking like 300-350 but dont know my ins and outs of a 2.3 motor and the pros and cons. Ik the main thing is the head and its breathability. Any information is helpful! Thanks in advance. Iv been doing research but i want to hear from people who’ve done it first hand.
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