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Well this is a shot in the dark since this section is pretty dead, but hopefully there's one or two lurkers out there that could help.

Basically I still have my 88 2.3 LX for shits and giggles. I've got some parts laying around the garage and I'm curious what I can do, especially in regards to turbocharging it.

My main concerns are-

1.) How much can I boost it? If I throw in a set of SVO pistons and gap the rings accordingly, how much boost can it take? What is the weak link? Rods, rod bolts, head bolts, head, etc...?

2.) What's the best route for tuning it? Standalone/FIC? I'd love to go with QH but it doesn't look like the old speed density 2.3 ECMs are supported. I know everyone says to switch to the VAM/turbocoupe ECM and wiring but that leads me to my next point...

3.) Where the hell do you even get 2.3 parts these days? I see a few bolt ons here and there, but for the most part 2.3 stuff has pretty much disappeared, especially for the old 8 plugs like mine.
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